How Much Do Notion Templates Cost? (+Best Places to Buy)

When you use Notion for the first time, your pages are completely empty. You need to fill them with content that will help you organize your life. But there is another method, which is to use pre-made templates. In this post, you’ll find out how exactly this works, where you can get the templates from and how they cost.

But now let’s get to the quick answer:

Templates for Notion are available both for free as well as paid on the Internet. The prices vary from a few cents to several $ 100. The price depends on the scope of the template and the associated effort, as well as the benefit it brings.

This was of course only a very general answer. Below you will find more details and also the best website where you can find templates for your Notion setup.

What are Notion Templates?

A Notion Template gives you the design for one or more of your Notion pages. You can find them at different places on the internet. It is meant to simplify the initial setup or the design of very complex pages. Of course, these templates are only a framework, which can be customized by yourself after duplicating them.

Templates can be easily inserted into your already existing account. You only have to click on “duplicate” or “copy” for a template. Immediately this is then transferred to your own Notion page, as long as you are logged into the same browser.

I already wrote a separate post if you want to learn more about it, how to duplicate and use the Notion templates you can find on the internet.


Of course, this will not delete any of your existing pages. The new template will just be created as another page, which you can then customize as you wish.

How much do Notion Templates cost?

There are free and paid templates. The price varies depending on which template you choose and who created it. So there are a lot of choices, whether you are looking for something basic or special.

Free Notion Templates

The free variants of Notion Templates are among the most common. Most people here just want to share their own creations with others and let them share their templates. Free templates mostly include only a few pages and their quality can vary greatly.

So if you decide to go for free templates, pay special attention to where they are offered and how well they are structured. Often they look pretty on the surface but have little substance to really work with.

Paid Notion Templates

In contrast, there are also paid Notion Templates. These can be found on various websites, often from third-party vendors. For many, it is a way to earn money with their creativity while helping other Notion users stay organized.

Paid templates are in most cases more complex and include many pages and sub-pages. That’s why creators want something in return. For some, such templates are even a business model with which they can earn money passively. There is nothing against paying for a template if you want to support the creator for it and only this particular template fits well.

By the way, if you want to know how to create and share templates (whether free or paid), you should check out this article: Create and Share Notion Templates.

The price range for paid Notion templates

However, the price range of paid templates is very wide. You can find templates for a few cents, $5-20 up to several $100. Here is a small rough classification:

  • $0-5: Small very simple templates (mostly one page) for everyday tasks
  • $5-20: More advanced templates with some subpages and more structure
  • $20-50: Very sophisticated systems and page bundles
  • $50-500: A large network of ready-made pages, databases and connections. Mostly mainly for entrepreneurs or business teams.

Many creators offer on the one hand the individual pages and additionally sell a page bundle, where you get the individual pages cheaper.

Here, in the end, you have to decide for yourself if you want to spend money on this or if you might not find a better template that costs less or nothing at all.

What influences the price of Notion Templates?

The price is mainly determined by the amount of work and the complexity of the templates. But of course there are no direct rules for this, users and sellers can decide for themselves. Notion Templates can also be offered for a higher price if the person has done a good job before and can achieve a certain range with it.

The price is also not a guarantee of the usefulness of the template. Some of them may be used in only very special cases, but are useless for most other users. Notion is such a broad tool that there is a lot of choices here.

Price factors for templates:

  • Effort for creating it
  • Niche category for template (especially in the field of marketing prices are high)
  • Templates as own
  • Business model
  • Name recognition of the creator

The best sources for helpful Notion templates

Free Notion Templates: Which websites offer them?

The Official Notion Template Gallery

Even in the free area, there are already many options to choose from a wide selection of templates. The official database of Notion is the first and best place to get good and also verified Notion templates.

You can access it directly from your Notion by clicking on the “Templates” item in the bar on the left. There are already a number of free templates for every taste.

If you scroll down further, you can then click on “More from the Community” to get to the extended store page of Notion. There you will find a much larger selection of templates, many of them free. They have all been specifically reviewed by Notion itself.

Community-driven websites

But there are also other places to go. The subreddit r/Notion is recommended here, where members of the community repeatedly present their own designs and usually also provide the corresponding templates.

There you can also search directly for templates by selecting the appropriate tag in the column on the right.

Pinterest is also a good place to get inspiration. Links from other sites are often shared there, including links to Notion templates. Just search for “notion templates” and other keywords. Then you will be given hundreds of suggestions. Of course, always pay attention to the origin of the template itself and also which user created it.

Paid Notion Templates: Which websites offer them?

Official Notion template gallery

The official template site also offers paid templates. Here the price range is very large and should be considered before buying. The price is always displayed directly in the selection, next to the name of the creator.

However, purchases here are not processed through the website directly, but only link to other websites.

Third-party websites


One of these websites for paid Notion templates is Gumroad. Here users can offer their templates for money. Gumroad is very popular among artists and is a reputable website for selling digital goods. Of course, you can also search for Notion templates there directly.

If you are looking for a good starter template for personal use, I can recommend the Notion Essential Bundle recommended 😊


On Gumroa there also are free Notion templates. So it’s always worth looking there too, whether you’re willing to spend money or not.


Gridfiti is also a handy online store for Notion templates, where you can find free and paid Notion templates. When you buy a template, you get a PDF afterward that contains the link to the corresponding Notion page.


Notionery is a curated marketplace with over 200 free and premium Notion templates to help startups, freelancers, students, and everyone in between get the most out of Notion.


It’s also worth browsing for Notion templates on the increasingly popular online store Etsy. There are now well over 1000 different templates available, ranging in price from 6€ to over 1000€.

Notion Everything

Notion Everything is also a good source for Notion templates. There you can find free templates for private life as well as templates for companies and freelancers on specific business topics.

Are Notion Templates worth it?

Cost-benefit analysis of Notion Templates

Of course, you can test and install free Notion Templates and then simply delete them again. With this, you already have a wide selection at your disposal. Some of these free templates are even very useful and can help you to organize your Notion setup better.

Moreover, you can extend any template you find on the Internet. Once you duplicate it on your Notion, it’s yours to tinker with.

One disadvantage of templates, however, is the general clutter. If you design your own notion, then you know what goes where and which link will take you to a particular subpage. But if you use the templates of others, you lack this context.

It’s sometimes hard to get familiar with other people’s templates and keep track of them. Also, it’s kind of part of Notion to be creative yourself and customize your pages depending on your own needs. This also falls away if you only use prefabricated pages.

In my opinion, you should only spend money on templates that are well-documented with screenshots or even a video.


Templates are generally just a time saver and can be good for first-time setup or for special niches. They also look nice, as they are often created specifically with that aesthetic in mind. However, it may take your time to find a template that works for you.

Pro – This is good with templates

Du sparst Dir oft zeit und Aufwand
Es gibt in fast allen Bereichen Templates
Templates können noch bearbeitet werden

Contra – Disadvantages and problems

Templates können unübersichtlich sein
Deine eigene Kreativität ist nicht gefragt
Das arbeiten mit templates kann schwerer Fallen, da man sich den Aufbau nicht selbst überlegt hat


Notion templates are a good way to get familiar with the functions of the platform. You can save time and support other creators by using their templates. On the other hand, you have to consider if it is really worth spending the money on. Templates can also be created easily by yourself, and you get to know Notion interactively.

I hope I could help you with this post. Good luck with Notion!

Study smart, not hard 🎓

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